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gualtieri's Journal

6 December 1989
1920s, 1930s, 1940s, accents, acting, alfred hitchcock, animation, audience participation, auf wiedersehen pet, bad art, being a gangster, bela lugosi, bernard montgomery, blade of the immortal, bleak house, bursting out into song, capslocks, cats falling over, charles dickens, cheesecake, christoph waltz, cicero, concept art, contradictions, converse, daniel day-lewis, daniel plainview, dat ass, david bowie, dean martin, death note, dem abs, disney villains, dogs, doodling, dr strangelove, drawing, ed wood, eels, film noir, frank sinatra, frollo's hands, gene hunt, gentlemen, geoffrey rush, gigs, giichi, grand theft auto, hairy russians, hannibal lecter, happy trails, hbo, howard moon, hrg, independent films, inglourious basterds, j m barrie, jammy dodgers, johnny depp, jonathan ross, joseph goebbels, joseph stalin, kilts, left4dead, life drawing, life on mars, lindor, linebeck, mackenzie crook, manji, marlon brando, marshmallow jackets, martin scorsese, mass effect, milkshake, monkeys, monty python, mp3s, music, musicals, mélanie laurent, never mind the buzzcocks, nick frost, nintendo ds, older men, omar little, oscar wilde, oz, people falling over, peter sellers, phil davis, philip glenister, phoenix wright, pimp canes, pinky rings, pirates, politics, pretty eyes, procrastination, ps2, robert deniro, rockstar, rocky horror picture show, roleplay, romance, rome, sacha baron cohen, sci-fi, scones, scottish accents, scrubs, sexual innuendo, sexy icons, sheep, sideburns, simon pegg, skins, slang, sleeping, slippers, smut, sopranos, soundtracks, soup, staying up, studio ghibli, takeshi kitano, tea, the mighty boosh, the rat pack, the sopranos, the wire, thick eyebrows, top hats, traditional animation, travel, unconventional looks, vagabonds, venetian masks, victorian london, victorian sideburns, villains, voice acting, wacom, wafer thin mints, wallander, winston churchill, world travel, ww2, yoghurt